About Us

OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard was developed to help persons with injuries or disabilities type painlessly. It is currently the only ergonomic keyboard to use domes instead of keys to type and mouse.

As a University of Central Florida doctoral student in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in ergonomics, Dr. Peter McAlindon developed this incredible technology after he started to experience repetitive stress injury in his hands due to long hours of typing papers. Using comprehensive research, Dr. McAlindon was able to design a keyboard that minimized hand and wrist motion, thereby alleviating pain and allowing for more productive use.

Soon after the creation of orbiTouch, Dr. McAlindon quickly realized the potential it had in the assistive technology arena. OrbiTouch has won a number of industry awards praising design and ease of use. It continues to capture the attention of users and professionals worldwide looking for an alternative to the standard keyboard. The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is a product of Blue Orb, Inc., and is headquartered out of Maitland, Florida.