Case Study: How does orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard help individuals with Autism?

Devin Spangler was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when he was 7 years old. When you sit down with Devin, now 13, it is evident he is an articulate and bright young man. In fact, he speaks more clearly and cogently than many adults. However, according to his mother Allie, self-expression hasn’t always been easy.

Only years earlier, completing school work was a daily battle. Devin became increasingly reluctant to handwrite school assignments because his hands would fatigue quickly. Standard keyboards didn’t go over much better--their QWERTY layout seemingly had no order, something individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder crave.

OrbiTouch helped him break through communication barriers.

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Devin liked orbiTouch for the following reasons:

Devin used orbiTouch to:


Devin now uses a standard QWERTY keyboard to type and mouse, but orbiTouch proved to be a powerful transition tool to introduce technology. Once he saw that typing didn't have to be painful or confusing, he was able to concentrate on what really mattered--his school work. Devin is currently home schooled and earns excellent grades. We are glad that orbiTouch could help him unlock his inner potential.