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I have arthritis and carpal tunnel in both hands, and orbiTouch is much easier to use than a standard keyboard. Regular keyboards cause my fingers to lock when I type. The orbiTouch completely eliminates finger motion, so I’m able to type without pain and for longer periods of time. The fact that I don’t have to push with my fingers is such a relief. I also love the fun Bubble Blaster game!
Miriam de Jesus
US Army 1982-2003
It is as real and functional as a standard keyboard and mouse. The convincing moment comes when you actually try it out.
Elizabeth Hood
Writer, International Test and Evaluation Association
I want to use this keyboard so I can access the Internet. I want to write e-mails. I want to write letters....I want to earn my own money and be my own man.
Sean Grassley
Man Living with Cerebral Palsy
OrbiTouch gives individuals with autism a voice in the information technology field. [It] is a communications tool. Since it can enhance my communications, it can help other people with autism to communicate.
Catherine Zeh
Student with Autism
One of my jobs is to prepare a weekly report about volunteer activity. Before I began using the orbiTouch, it would take me more than two hours to complete. Now I'm able to do it in a half hour to 45 minutes.
Shirley Johnson
Office Manager with The Disability Network
The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard has given our family the joy in watching a child that hated to write, blossom into one who is writing and even making small power point presentations.
Allie Spangler
Co-Owner, Bright Feats Magazine
I have seen quadriplegics demonstrate the orbiTouch. After spending 30 minutes with it, Howard Kaline, a quadriplegic told me, "This is the future. I can easily use the orbiTouch for employment." The orbiTouch may be in his future. It can certainly be in the future of other quadriplegics.
John Williams
Assistive Technology Writer
I have to tell you that we, at the Assistive Technology Team, are so impressed by this keyboard that I had to pry it out of a colleague's hands (he LOVED the asteroids game) to bring it to Amy.  It seems to be working just fine.

We LOVE the mouse feature and Amy caught on very quickly to the process.  It will take some practice for her, of course.  We find that her left-handedness and CP [cerebral palsy] are offering more of a challenge than her vision impairment. She is nothing if not perseverant and comes from a wonderfully supportive family so we plan to let her take the keyboard home for the summer and establish an assigned training plan using your wonderful CD. We can set goals for her to accomplish in speed and accuracy before moving on. I know that she will endeavor to do her best.

We are so grateful for your generosity and will send regular progress reports.
Sally Norton-Darr
Assistive Technologist
For the handicapped or those with severe RSI [Repetitive Strain Injury], it’s a lifesaver, enabling many of these folks to communicate when they otherwise could not.
Writer and Administrator for
Yes, no keys. How is that assistive technology at its finest? I'll tell you. The "orbiTouch", now is made exclusively by Keybowl, which is why Im spending so much time on this particular product in this column. Soon, I hope, more manufacturers will begin make the device, offering a wider variety of options at competitive prices, to the enormous benefit of people who can't or don't want to use regular keyboards.
Barbara J. McKee
Albuquerque writer, poet, performer and producer
I will have to say I was very skeptical. Since I live down the road from their offices, I stopped by to try it out. To my dismay, it is pretty easy to pick up. There is some muscle control issues that you need to work on, for instance the mouse is a little hard to work at first, but with practice it becomes nothing. The biggest thing to overcome when learning a new piece of ergo equipment, is lack of self discipline and stick-to-it-edness. With practice and hardwork it becomes worth it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I think this is pretty beneficial!
John Ford
Engineer at Lockheed Martin, Orlando
My husband and I believe the orbiTouch holds great promise as a means of communication for certain children on the autism spectrum.  Because each of these children learns so very differently and there is no set therapy guideline, we as parents are always looking to try anything that just might be exactly what our child needs in order to communicate. The Blue Skies project is raising funds to get this device into the hands of children with autism as quickly as possible right here on a local level.  We can expect it will give some of these children a voice for the very first time and to help others communicate what is inside of them even more clearly. While it won’t work for every child, no one will know how it will help their child until they try.
Karen Howington
Mother of a twelve year old son with autism

The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is proven to help individuals with special needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and every orbiTouch manufactured comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. For more information on orbiTouch, please complete the contact form below.

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